Statement of Principles
Governing Board
Affiliate Platforms

Chartered Affiliates of the Objectivist Party have the power to adopt their own platforms regarding issues they feel strongly about. The following affiliate platforms have been adopted by the referenced affiliates:

OBJECTIVIST PARTY OF NEW YORK                                                                      OBJECTIVIST PARTY OF ARIZONA                                                                         OBJECTIVIST PARTY OF INDIANA                                                                          OBJECTIVIST PARTY OF NORTH CAROLINA


VICTIMLESS CRIMES: We believe the government has no right to criminalize conduct consensually agreed to between adults that cause no direct harm to others. We believe in people taking responsibility for their own lives and oppose paternalistic government. As a result, we seek the immediate decriminalization of marijuana, prostitution, pornography, gambling and other victimless crimes.

MONETARY POLICY & TAXATION: We believe the government has no right to cause inflation and devalue our currency by permitting the Federal Reserve to "print money" or by borrowing money in order to balance the budget. We also oppose the large percentage of people's earnings the government takes through taxation. As a first step toward the goal of drastically reducing taxation on a federal, state and local level, we support the institution of a 10% federal flat tax and the elimination of all income and property taxes.

GAY ISSUES: We believe the government should not discriminate against anyone on the basis of that person's sexual orientation. On a federal level, we support the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act and the military's policy of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". On a state level, while our ultimate goal is to get the government out of the marriage business, we support full recognition of gay marriages so long as the government continues to issue marriage certificates to heterosexual couples.

IMMIGRATION: We support the right of all countries to control their own borders and to set the conditions immigrants must meet in order to obtain permanent residence and citizenship. We would give state law enforcement officials the power to enforce immigration law and to deport illegal aliens. We would grant immigration preferences to those with special skills; to those who would create jobs; to those who ideologically support free enterprise and respect for individual rights; to those who are committed to the use of science and reason instead of faith and mysticism when evaluating and discovering objective reality; and to those who believe in self-reliance and the pursuit of productive and purposeful lives.

DEFENSE: We believe one of the primary purposes of the federal government is to provide for the national defense. Toward that end, we would support expanding the incentives offered to encourage citizens to join the military and the National Guard. However, we oppose any form of involuntary servitude including the reinstitution of a draft.

CIVIL LIBERTIES: We believe the government must respect the individual and constitutional rights of all citizens including the right to keep and bear arms. We oppose all forms of censorship and invasions of privacy. We believe in the strict separation of church and state and believe "In God We Trust" should be removed from the country's coins and courtrooms.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP & MONUMENTAL PROJECTS: We believe the entrepreneurial spirit should be encouraged by reducing corporate taxation and bureaucratic regulation. We support the identification and development of privately financed grand scale monumental projects that can inspire citizens to lead heroic lives and to contribute more to their civilization.


OBJECTIVIST PARTY OF GEORGIA                                                  OBJECTIVIST PARTY OF CONNECTICUT                                         OBJECTIVIST PARTY OF CALIFORNIA


FREE MARKET CAPITALISM: We advocate a completely free market with no government interference. We oppose tariffs, embargoes, rent controls, wage controls, corporate taxes and all other forms of government interference in private businesses. We oppose any and all legislation which forces or "encourages" employers to hire employees based on any standard other than their ability to perform the required tasks (e.g. affirmative action). We oppose any and all legislation which forces banks to lend money to unqualified candidates (e.g. the Community Reinvestment Act). We oppose all government bureaucracy which interferes with the rights of individual citizens to contract freely with businesses and individuals of their choice (e.g. the Food and Drug Administration), and we radically oppose the socialization of ANY industry in the United States and its territories, especially the health care industry. 

TAXATION: We advocate a flat-rate income tax at both the Federal and State levels. We oppose all sales tax, property tax and progressive income tax structure. We radically oppose all tax-funded welfare programs, including but not limited to medicare, medicaid, government subsidized housing, and food stamps. 

EDUCATION: In order to reduce the burden of taxation on citizens who do not have children, and to raise the overall standard of achievement in our nation's schools and universities, we advocate the gradual dissolution of the public school system in favor of privately funded education.

IMMIGRATION: We support the right of all countries to control their own borders and to set the conditions immigrants must meet in order to obtain permanent residence and citizenship. We would give state law enforcement officials the power to enforce immigration law and to deport illegal aliens. We would grant immigration preferences to those with special skills, to those who would create jobs and to those who ideologically support free enterprise and respect for individual rights.

GAY RIGHTS: We oppose all forms of prejudicial discrimination, including discrimination based on sexual orientation. We advocate the immediate and unconditional legalization of gay marriage nationwide.

VICTIMLESS CRIMES: We advocate the immediate and unconditional legalization of gambling, prostitution, marijuana, alcohol and tobacco use for all individuals aged 18 years or older. We also call for the gradual legalization of other narcotics with restrictions (no driving under the influence, no using in the vicinity of children, no sale to minors, etc.) for all individuals aged 18 years or older. We advocate the right of adults to willfully engage in any activity that does not negatively affect others.




TAXATION: We support a flat, common rate income tax on the federal, state, and local levels. Due to our promotion of the ability for all levels of government to collect a minimum income tax, we support the abolition of all other forms of taxation including a sales tax, a property tax, a capital gains tax, an inheritance tax, a VAT tax, etc.

TRADE: Due to our support of a true free market, we seek the abolition of all trade barriers and the development of global free trade. This would include the abolition of import/export tariffs, for we realize the most efficient way to "export democracy and capitalism" is to spread free trade.

IMMIGRATION: A modern, rational State, such as our great nation, should enforce proper, legal immigration policies. This would include the immediate deportation of all discovered illegal immigrants, as well as the proactive seeking out of said illegal immigrants. Illegal immigration presents a severe national security threat, as well as an employment threat to legal/naturalized U.S. citizens. U.S. jobs should be held by those who enter U.S. soil by legal means.

NATIONAL DEFENSE: We realize that the most important responsibility of the federal government is the defense of its citizens and their respective private property. Therefore, we firmly support a proactive national defense policy, a purely volunteer military force (including the abolition of the Selective Service Act), adequate funding to all facets of our national defense network including the recruitment of proper troop numbers, the adequate training and equipping of said troops, weapons development and research, foreign and domestic intelligence, etc.

CIVIL RIGHTS: As citizens of a free society and modern, rational State, we believe that individuals should have the right to live as they choose so long as they do not infringe upon the right of other individuals to do the same. This would, of course, require the following: legalization of homosexual marriage, deregulation and complete privatization of all abortion clinics and other services related to abortion, deregulation of alcohol and tobacco, legalization and moderate regulation of salvia, marijuana, opium, narcotics, and hallucinogens, and the complete deregulation of the media as a whole (including the abolition of all forms of government censorship).

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